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IMG_4979web.jpgGlenalvon has been described as “An exceptional two-storied sandstone home of colonial Georgian design” (National Trust), and “A rare example of a residence and garden of its period, size, diversity, integrity, and quality” (Otto Cserhalmi and Partners, Heritage Architects).

Glenalvon was built by Michael Byrne, son of Wicklow rebel/patriot Hugh “Vesty” Byrne circa 1841 and consists of the two storey main house, the earlier Servants Quarters, and a Victorian Coach House and Stables.





IMG_3085web.jpg.jpgA custom built slab shed was constructed in 1995 to protect the Society’s collection of historical agricultural equipment and what is probably Australia’s most important gravestone - that of pioneer farmer, James Ruse.

Historic Glenalvon is not only beautiful it is classic in its architecture, and its construction. To visit the house in detail, use the Museum pages link on the right side of this page.




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